In an attempt to streamline Lego's UI & UX, I wanted to see if I could create an experience that allowed users to see all the correct information while also staying true to Lego's famous translation: 'Play Well'.
As you scroll through these images you'll see designs surrounding the homepage I've worked on. Aspects that I've focused on are product blocks, product 'quick looks', profile management & the search bar interface.
I also wanted to attempt the integration of a Lego style pattern. I created two versions, both with studs and one with the inclusion of a single brick design. Choosing the red colouring for the icons reconnected the pattern to the bold and recognisable logo that Lego has held for decades. 
I'm a big fan of minimalism and I wanted to implement this into Lego's website. Floating boxes are possibly one of the most interesting aspects of a website as you get the impression that the site is continuously building up on itself, adding a sense of depth and character. Below are some options for 'quick looks' at products, a small profile header and search bar interactions. 
The idea behind the search bar interactions is as follows; as you type into the dialogue box, search results will appear based on the individual characters that are being typed in.
Below are the primary colours used within the website redesign. While the website may look fresh and new, the colours remain true to the linage of Lego.
Website banners can come in all shapes and sizes, but what i'm interested in is creating something that captures the essence of the product it's showing off. The bold font demonstrates the retro feeling & the solid build of the classic video game, Pac-Man. The motion blur demonstrates the fast paced nature of the ghosts as they attempt to catch Pac-Man. All of this then links to the excitement that the lego set begins to create as you build it.
Taking the product blocks one step further by having them floating and full of life. Each block is designed to capture the character and atmosphere of the nature found within the Lego sets.
Below is a look at the quick sketch I made before starting the project.

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